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At Kitchens Rated, we’re always happy to help listed companies add kitchen news, stories, articles and helpful tips.

We can add kitchen-related news and company press releases or any kitchen articles you’ve written, provided they are informative, helpful or interesting.

Add Kitchen News:

News and press releases can announce new product ranges, new services offered, awards won or new appointments.

To add kitchen news, please send text to in the first instance. For regular additions of news, we can set companies up with an editorial account here at

Add Kitchen Articles:

We would prefer your submitted articles (non-news) to be unique, but if published elsewhere, the number of outlets where your kitchen article is published should be limited to 10.

Articles and news can contain links to your own services, but can not contain paid / affiliate links.

Kitchen designers writing articles can link to cabinet manufacturers mentioned as required. If manufacturers mentioned are listed, we reserve the right to alter links to point at our listing for that manufacturer.

To add kitchen articles, please send text to in the first instance. As with news, for regular additions of kitchen-related articles, we can set companies or individuals up with an editorial account here at

Kitchen articles, hints and tips can be submitted if they fit within the following categories:

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Kitchen Buying Guides
  • Kitchen Cabinet Tips
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Kitchen Design Guides
  • Kitchen Installation


We’re more than happy to accept any kitchen-related article, news or press releases for publication provided they can inform or help our users, or add value to our range of services.

All submitted content should comply with our Terms of Use be of a high quality, (ie non “spammy”) and must be written by the submitter, someone employed by the submitter or someone who has granted the submitter full publishing and re-publishing rights, including all and any content or images used.

In short it should be content you’d be happy to add to your own website.

Content should be submitted as a plan .txt file – with any html links, bold or italicized content, marked up appropriately. Images can be supplied as links, or as additional file attachments.

Send content for publication to

We reserve the right not to publish articles.

For people or companies looking to submit regular news or articles, we can set up a user account allowing you to self-publish directly to our platform. This can be done after we have accepted at least 3 high quality articles.

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