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Our best value kitchen cabinet for 2017 goes to The RTA Store of Hopewell Junction, New York

Based on our independent user reviews and ratings over the past 6 months, mystery shopper feedback and our strict quality checks The RTA Store wins the coveted title of Best Value Kitchen Cabinets 2017.

the rta store best value kitchen cabinets 2017

The RTA Store Website:

The RTA Store, Inc.,

2345 NY-52 #1a, Hopewell Junction, New York, NY 12533

General Enquiries: 877-992-2246

The RTA Store Cabinets – Information:

Market Position: Middle – High
Kitchen Unit Quality: Very Good – Excellent
Price Fitted: RTA / Pre-Assembled Variable
Supply Only: $100-$5000
Warranty: 20 Year Limited Warranty

Designer Training: Yes
Designer Qualifications: Yes
Designer Status: Employed
Commission rate: N/A
See Reviews     Search Listings was founded in 2009 in Hopewell Junction, NY and is a family owned and operated business built up around “trust, value and hard work”.

In the words of the owners, “We love what we do and like to think we are the best at it. We believe we are different from other businesses because we truly try to get to know each of our customers and their needs.

The RTA Store provides a 100% free kitchen design service, which is in itself unusual for a RTA company with layouts created by a small knowledgeable team of expert kitchen designers.

Designers work one-on-one with their clients which allows for the development a sincere, trusting relationship – and ultimately the perfect design for a customer’s needs. Designer’s responsibilities are to make sure clients are completely satisfied with their design, all their questions are answered, and that the client is getting the best price possible.

We wanted to be able to give our customers a quality product at an outstanding price. We are able to sell you RTA (Ready To Assemble) and Pre-Assembled cabinets with the same (if not better!) quality you would find at any retail store but for a fraction of the price. Our Ready To Assemble lines are more inexpensive then our Pre-Assembled cabinets because you are putting the cabinets together yourself.

Additionally, The RTA Store sells beautiful Pre-Assembled cabinets for those who prefer cabinets assembled when they arrive for increased speed of installation. Their Pre-Assembled cabinets offer a little more variety then the stock RTA cabinets, meaning if a customer is looking to try something new or have a more ‘custom’ kitchen in mind, there is the option available – giving a full custom look at big-box low prices.

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