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Locate Kitchen Designers in South Carolina

Working with a South Carolina kitchen designer can add a lot more value to your kitchen new kitchen than the cost of design fees.

A professional kitchen designer is fully-trained and skilled in getting the best from your kitchen space, getting the maximum result for minimum outlay and designing a kitchen matched perfectly to your wants.

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Your kitchen specialist will carry out as much or as little as you need, but an excellent kitchen designer will not only produce working kitchen designs, but will specify all elements from the countertops and cabinets to the facuets and appliances. They can easily manage the entire kitchen remodeling job from beginning to end, removing any headache out of every project stage and guiding you to the perfect kitchen.

Because pro kitchen designers in South Carolina are involved in such a large number of remodeling projects, it’s guaranteed they know and work with the top South Carolina kitchen installation pros and can access the highest skilled kitchen specialists, furniture makers, decorators, metalworkers and other highly skilled craftspeople – people who’s expert help could carry your kitchen remodeling project to design-magazine level.

Local kitchen designers will be experts in the nuances of kitchen building code in South Carolina – so choosing the correct kitchen pro for your new kitchen project will not only lead to a beautifully designed kitchen, but reduce concerns and headaches whenever issues inevitably potentially derail a project – keeping that dream kitchen a dream rather than a literal nightmare.

Selecting South Carolina Kitchen Designers

searching for a South Carolina kitchen designerBefore starting any selection process you should have a project goal or goals. Simply “Hoping for something nice” isn’t enough and you’ll waste everybody’s time in the designer selection process. You’d only be considered a unsuitable design client (the most popular South Carolina kitchen designers are very busy, with lengthy waiting lists).

It could be you need to have much more counter space for a hobby or fledgling business, you may want to make the most of spectacular views, allow more natural light into the room, create a breakfast zone – or any other number of wants and needs. How do you cook in your kitchen? Are you a pro cook or do you merely microwave pre-prepared food? Do you do a lot of entertaining? Do you make pastries?

Writing a list of these needs and taking notes about how you use your kitchen – along with ideas of the colors and surfaces you’d like in your kitchen project – will only help a great deal in that initial consult with your kitchen designer, helping the designer know you as a new client and saving your time in any initial complimentary design consultations.

Once you have the underlying foundations of your needs and requirements – it’s now time to look at the actual designers.

Your Search Starts Online

The web has made looking for and choosing kitchen designers in South Carolina much easier.

looking for South Carolina kitchen designers on the webYou can search specialist kitchen review sites like KitchensRated, search trade associations like the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s South Carolina local chapter, or search the South Carolina section of the BBB

Many pro kitchen designers will be certified members of trade associations like the NKBA, or have obtained design qualifications from specialist bodies such as the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ).

This certification demonstrate technical competence and the scale of their knowledge of design, building codes and construction standards. Whenever you’re buying kitchen design, you need competence!

Equipped with your shortened list of kitchen designers, it’s time to go to their websites. In this day and age, all professional kitchen designers own websites – to showcase design work to new clients throughout South Carolina.

After examining their website, how do the designers seem to you? Do they show examples of complete projects? Do they show happy homeowner testimonials? Is all contact information visible? Does the website work?

Visit Your Shortlist

Take a little time to visit the kitchen designers on your list. True it’s simple to have them come to your home – but first go see their office, design studio or kitchen showroom to get a feel for their professionalism.

What do you feel? How do you get on well with them? Does their office appear well run? Are the phones busy? Look at photos of any past kitchens – good kitchen designers like to carry folders filled with before and after images from previous design jobs. Could they apply to you?

Do they have sample kitchens set up? If so are they built well and holding up well? Do this company only deal with certain kitchen cabinetry manufacturers? If they do, read their reviews too!

your new kitchen designIf you like what you see and from your initial discussions it seems like they have some excellent ideas for your new kitchen, now it’s time to have them visit your home.

Plan to have three South Carolina kitchen designers come and look at your space – you’ll receive three fairly unique room plans and by having them visit your domain, talking about your project you should have a very good feeling of what they would be like to work with.

From those 3 kitchen designers there aught to be one who is the best fit. So it’s time to…

Look at Past Kitchen Remodeling Jobs

Your pro kitchen designer should have a list of clients from finished projects who will be delighted to meet with you. By chatting with a couple of recent clients you will get a far better grasp of what your designer is like on a project.

If it’s possible to arrange to visit at least one of the kitchens, that should be a worthwhile task – ask things they love about their kitchen, how the floor plan is to work with and how well they worked with the KD.

Did anything go wrong? If the case, how well was the problem resolved?

By following the steps above, you should be able to find the perfect South Carolina kitchen designer for your needs – and end up with a kitchen to be proud of!

And please don’t forget to come back to KitchensRated and rate/review your chosen kitchen designer.

It’s consumer reviews like yours that make KitchensRated the resource it is. By giving your designer an honest review you’ll be helping them get new clients (or helping them improve) – and make the task of selecting South Carolina kitchen professionals so much easier for other homeowners.

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