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Birchcraft Kitchens

425 Richmond Street
Pennsylvania 19605

(610) 375-4391

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From the Birchcraft Kitchens website:

It’s the attention to detail that sets Birchcraft Kitchens apart from the competition. From the selection of wood for each individual order, through the hand assembly and sanding of cabinet components, to the finishing process where only one finisher skillfully hand stains an entire order, each set of cabinets is carefully constructed to meet each homeowner’s individual needs.

Birchcraft truly builds custom cabinetry using a process that has been perfected over the last fifty years. Building doors and drawers in their own factory allows Birchcraft to meet precise delivery dates while carefully controlling both the color and grain uniformity of the wood. Many of the raised panel door styles are constructed with the door panels finished completely separate from the door frames. Once installed in the home, this approach allows the door panels to expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes without exposing unfinished wood or a broken finish line.


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