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Kith Kitchens

280 Industrial Pkwy
Alabama 35565

(205) 485-2261

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From the Kith Kitchens website:

KITH Kitchens, founded in 1998, established as a strong, services-based organization who listens to their customers, past, present, and future.

Kith Kitchens again sets the industry standard by offering a full package of both Face Frame and Frameless Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry including:

Three week delivery from the time of the order
A wide array of styles, colors, and finishes to choose from
The ability to add customization
Quality workmanship

We provide a custom look, with the widest selection of styles, finishes, storage solutions and decorative enhancements in built-to-order cabinetry all without the custom price or lengthy custom lead times.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    April Haggard

    Great value cabinets! I am a dealer for Kith in Atlanta and I love the quality of cabinets for the price. Their selection of doors and finish options are unique in the industry, especially the vintage finishes! I am an interior designer and their finishes look like Restoration Hardware and other high quality furniture company finishes, which is great for cabinets! I highly recommend and love working with Kith Kitchens for projects with my clients.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ken Allender

    I can only speak to my experience with Kith Kitchens as a dealer. My experience is also ONLY with the all wood frameless series – specifically the KithOne.
    The quality of Kith compared to all cabinet brands in my estimation is 4 stars, but the overall value, door and finish selections compared to similar price cabinet lines makes Kith 5 stars rated. Kith is NOT a high-end cabinet line and instead marketed as an American Made – value line of cabinets with many high-end features. I sell a great deal of Kith, but managing customer expectations is key. I would advise firsthand Inspection of any cabinet a buyer is considering through a kitchen and bath dealer. Go and look at Kith cabinets and doors at the dealer showroom. Ask the dealer to see cabinets in the warehouse that have been received but awaiting installation. This will allow you see the quality of the Constuction. (And compare to other lines of cabinets.) Ask your dealer about Kith quality and compare directly to other offerings. I think all Kith dealers will explain the value proposition of KithOne and where it fits in their cabinet offerings. I would assume Kith will be in the mid-range of offerings -the BETTER, in a good, better, best offering scenario.
    The quality of the Kith painted finishes is consistent and good, but it is not equal to the most expensive cabinet brands. The finish is much better than other brands in a similar price point and still very good overall. Kith meets the KCMA standard for quality assurance (little blue and white circle sticker) and offers a lifetime warranty. The KithOne series has all 5/8” thick plywood construction, a dovetail box and soft close Blum hinges and drawer slides, and a huge selections of doors. Kith also offers two things generally only offered in high-end cabinet lines: brushed glazed finishes and any color of Sherwin-Williams paint as a custom option. Custom sizing is also available, but if a great deal of customization is the aim, I do not think Kith is the right line to be considering. Again, the right tool for the right job…when considering Kith, think quality for the cost and options available.
    With my Kith jobs, if damage occurs in shipping, Kith replaces the damaged parts, without hassle in generally 3 weeks. As a professional kitchen and bath dealer, I have a finish repair expert in-house on our team who can immediately address any small issues from shipping damage. My customer care experience from Kith as a dealer has been excellent, but ALL cabinet lines have damage which occurs in shipping and all cabinet lines mislabel items or omit sku/parts. It is standard practice for all cabinet lines to require the dealer/receiver to inspect for hidden damage immediately upon receiving the cabinets, take photos of any damage and immediately request replacement parts. Shipping damage is a hassle and anyone receiving cabinets or furniture knows this is an unfortunate, but expected part of the business. I have read negative reviews online and have seen the photos of cracked frame or cracked door. Of course a cracked frame is a huge problem and a cracked frame requires a replacement of the whole cabinet. Without judging or understanding the whole situation, I cannot understand why the damaged cabinets were installed and instead of having the cabinet replaced.

    When I explain to clients the options of high end cabinet line and comparing the option of KithOne, many clients opt for Kith as a great value choice. As a dealer I am very pleased and my clients are very pleased with the outcome. If expectations of Kith are realistic – an American Made, value aimed cabinet line, the outcome is excellent.

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    If you are considering Kith – please run away! My kitchen cabinets arrived and almost ALL of the cabinets have material defects and arrive damaged. The edgebanding is horrible(peeling, glue residue), drawer fronts fell off at unboxing, paint finish is uneven, doors do not close properly, doors are too large for the cabinets and the list goes on and on.

    Please, please, just steer clear of this company. The want to try to “repair” all of these issues. If this level of product left the showroom in the first place, I have no confidence that they can “repair” it.

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  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am not an employee of kith but your review is misleading and not fair. Kith does not sell the glass for the cabinetry. As a designer who has dealt with many cabinet companies through out the years Kith is the only one who immediately acknowledges a replacement piece or a mistake they have made. Also the only company other than Tedd Wood where the owners will still take your call. Great cabinets and warranty for an outstanding value. I recommend the line all the time to my clients.

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  5. Rated 2 out of 5

    Michael Carr

    Beautiful cabinets at a decent price but make sure you check your received items for a complete order. Today it’s been 4 weeks waiting on my kick boards (they sent the wrong size), end cabinet panels (didn’t receive) and crown molding (didn’t receive). Kith also sent the wrong doors for my upper corner cabinet and that wrong door was sent to have glass put in. $75 later Kith refused to pay for their mistake so I had to pay for the wrong glass and then another $30 for the glass to the right door. I assumed that a smaller company would have great customer service along with an outstanding product. I assumed wrong. Kith, I can not recommend your product when you treat your customers like you treated me.

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