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Rosebud Wood Products

701 SE 12th Street
PO Box 409
Madison, SD 57042-0409

(800) 256-4561

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From the Rosebud Wood Products website:

Our 62,000 square foot manufacturing facility is currently located in the small town of Madison, South Dakota. We serve the entire Midwest and beyond, with showrooms in Madison SD, the Sioux Falls area, and Dickinson, ND.

Family owned and operated, we are proud to have many employees who have been a part of our Rosebud family for over twenty years. You may find two or even three generations working together within our company.

The bedrock of our culture is the understanding that quality doesn’t cost – it pays. Quality achieved by combining innovative processes with the experience and knowledge of our employees who have strong Midwestern values and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


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  1. Casey McCormick

    I do not recommend buying Rosebud Wood Products.
    Rosebud Wood Products, in 2019, provided the cabinets for my newly built home. The cabinets had many doors that were warped and needed to be replaced. It took three separate shipments to finally get the warped door issue resolved. When the replacements arrived, some were damaged, others were warped and there were doors that were usable. As mentioned, three shipments were needed to replace all the warped doors.
    I, the home owner, spent many hours trying to get Rosebud to make good on their product. I also took time to replace the cabinet doors.
    Another factory defect with the Rosebud Wood Products cabinets is blemishes at the corners and edges of some base cabinets and upper cabinets. These blemishes have no rough areas and no splinters. There is a finish coat over these damages suggesting that these are belt sander burns caused during production, stained, varnished (finish coat) and then sent out to the customer.
    I asked that Rosebud replace the damaged cabinets and provide the labor to do so. Rosebud offered to provide new cabinets only and have me sign off that Rosebud was not responsible for the damage. I declined and have not heard from Rosebud since.

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