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Quick Guide to Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

How to Buy Your Next Kitchen Online – Quickly & Easily

Article written for by Hywel Merrett of Cut Price Kitchens

The kitchen is often perceived as the heart of the home and as the song goes – it’s where everyone ends up at parties! The kitchen is also considered to be one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes time to sell your property. A good (or bad) kitchen can really make (or break) the sale of your house.


It’s important then to get the design and installation of your next kitchen correct – not only so it provides a safe, efficient place to cook and entertain, but also so that it adds value and desirability to your home.

Traditionally, homeowners have sought the services of local kitchen specialists and often paid handsomely for their service. But the marketplace is changing. Large DIY retailers have forced prices down and brought modern kitchen designs and technology within the reach of those on a more modest budget.

Up until recently these used to be the two main options available to anyone in need of a new kitchen. However in recent years the convergence of secure online payment systems and high speed connections are allowing customers to browse and buy their kitchen over the internet.

Benefits of buying your kitchen online

Anyone who’s sat through a 3 hour kitchen design consultation, then been subjected to a ‘won’t take “No” for an answer’ sales pitch will welcome this third option. It gives you the freedom to shop without pressure and view a wide range of kitchen styles to suit your taste and budget.

And because the internet is such a transparent marketplace it makes it easy to comparison shop based on quality and price. Online kitchen sites seem to be divided into two distinct groups though:

1) The straightforward ‘catalogue’ site simply displaying the company’s range of kitchens.
2) A full-blown e-commerce site allowing you to buy online.

The former usually operates to generate enquiries from would-be customers and entice them into a showroom or to arrange a visit from their designer. These are okay if the company has a showroom in your part of the country and if you’re not in a particular hurry.

For those looking for a more instant solution though, seek out the companies that allow you to order directly via their site. Several of these sites now exist but not all have been created equal.

Let’s face it – most of us aren’t qualified kitchen designers, so we’re looking for a site that simplifies the process of finding and loading our cart with the correct items quickly and easily. Why then do so many sites expect customers to skip between multiple pages and individually add every component part i.e. the cabinet, the door, hinges, legs etc.? It’s easy to see why shopping cart abandonment is so rife in this type of site.

Quality online kitchen e-retailers

Instead look for a site that removes this tedium. Perhaps one like Cut Price Kitchens where you simply select your kitchen style from the Home page then everything needed for that particular kitchen is displayed on the very next page. After all, the internet is all about ‘instant gratification’ – speed and convenience. This is why online shopping is rapidly overtaking the traditional high street.

But an easy-to-use site is only part of the equation. Before committing to a purchase from an online kitchen retailer, check if they are displaying any testimonials. Any company can sing its own praises, but better to have it verified by customers who have not only purchased from them but have experienced their delivery and after-sales processes too.

A kitchen is generally going to be a fairly large purchase for most households, so before making your purchase online, why not give them a call. They should definitely be displaying a contact number and should welcome customer interaction.

Speak to them on the phone and ask some questions. Were they courteous and helpful? Or did they make you feel foolish for asking a ‘stupid’ question. Their attitude at this stage should give you a good indication of whether they’re a company you want to do business with … or not.

While you’re at it, ask them about their delivery times and costs and what happens if an item is damaged or incorrect. No company (online or off) could guarantee this will never happen, so ask how these issues are dealt with. If you don’t want to make your purchase online, ask if they will allow you to pay over the phone if this gives you greater peace of mind.

Check too, that you can add, remove or change items after your purchase. This is often cause for much concern with online kitchen buyers and, while easier to do before delivery, shouldn’t be a major stumbling block.

Thanks to Cut Price Kitchens for providing this article.

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