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Executive Cabinetry

2838 Grandview Dive
South Carolina
SC 29681


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Executive Cabinetry Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:B
Our Rating:A-

Executive Cabinetry Company Information:

Market Position: Middle
Kitchen Unit Quality: Good
Price Fitted: Varies with dealer
Supply Only: Varies with dealer
Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
Designer Training: Varies with dealer
Designer Qualifications: Varies with dealer
Designer Status: Varies with dealer
Commission rate: N/A

From the Executive Cabinetry website:

Executive Cabinetry is an industry leader in semi-custom and custom cabinetry. Recognizing that Health and Safety never go out of style, we manufacture the only all wood cabinet that is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Our facility encompasses 226,000 square feet of vertically integrated manufacturing space. Simply stated, being vertically integrated means that components are constructed, on-site, from the raw materials through to the finished product. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are American made and handcrafted locally.

Who Are Executive Cabinetry?

Executive Cabinetry are a well-known kitchen cabinet manufacturer based out of Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Part of the Essential Cabinetry Group, Executive Cabinetry sell a vast range of kitchen furniture based on high quality US-made kitchen cabinetry. Solid construction cabinets with over 100 designs of door fronts matched with interior finishes Executive Cabinetry offer a kitchen for all tastes and budgets, backed up with a lifetime warranty.

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  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Ana Bosman

    May 2021-March 2022. Ten months later our kitchen remodel is finally complete, but at what cost!
    I now know that I overpaid for the Executive Cabinetry kitchen cabinets I ordered from Kitchen Cabinet Outlet in Waterbury, CT. Here is my story:
    In May of 2021, I purchased Executive Cabinetry cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Outlet in Waterbury, CT. Why did it take so long to complete? Well, for the same reasons mentioned in other comments: broken and cracked cabinets upon delivery., visible door seams, lackluster paint work and absent quality control. I emailed the CEO of Essential Cabinetry Group, Mark Kovich and one of Gridiron Capital LLC’s founding partners, Tom Burger, re: the nightmare I was experiencing with the cabinets’ quality. The ”craftsmanship” is practically non-existent, and I say this in quotes because the cabinets are manufactured in a warehouse assembly line style in Simpsonville, SC. Executive Cabinetry is one of three cabinet lines under the Essential Cabinetry Group which had until December 2021 been owned by private equity firm Gridiron Capital LLC located in New Canaan, CT. It is now owned by Dallas-based Breck Partners, a mid-market investor founded in 2018 by former Wingate partners Brad Brenneman and Brian Steinbrueck.
    I had emailed one of Gridiron Capital LLC’s founding partners, Tom Burger, and Mark Kovich, CEO of Essential Cabinetry Group which Executive Cabinetry is under. Mr. Kovich and a Mr. Chris Wood blamed the cabinet cracks on UPS shipping. This they fault UPS for the original cabinet damage and the replacement cabinet damage as well. A third set of replacements were shipped via Executive Cabinetry’s own delivery trucks. Let’s just say that a fourth delivery was scheduled as yet again, some cabinet doors arrived damaged. It’s not damage caused by UPS, but the manufacturing process itself and the lack of quality control at the Executive Cabinetry plant.
    I do not recommend purchasing any cabinets from any of the three Essential Cabinetry Group’s cabinet lines.

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  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    No rating low enough for Executive Cabinets. Very expensive junk product. Master bath cabinets and some of the decorative pieces actually had yellow streaks and spots on them when installed. Within 3 months my kitchen and bath cabinets began to bubble. Several times company reps came into my home and told me they would replace the fronts. When the order got to the bosses they refused to do anything. Guess their warranty means NOTHING. Stock Home Depot and Lowe’s cabinets are far better than these expensive pieces of junk. We made a 45,000+ mistake using this disreputable company. Hope this review saves someone else from making the same mistake.

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  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Laursen

    I have been selling Executive Cabinetry for several years now. My business keeps growing with them. They build a very high quality cabinet. The design options are equal to high end brands at an affordable cost. Customer service is outstanding. They are quick to respond and always take care of any issues

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  4. Rated 1 out of 5

    Live Learn

    Do yourself a big favor and stay away from Executive Cabinetry. I found them to be an unorganized, inefficient, and poorly run company. All those qualities ended up costing us money, and worst of all time. Their ineptness added over 3 months to our kitchen renovation project. Their products looked great in the showroom, but they could not reproduce that same quality on our kitchen order. Over 50% of the initial order was bad & had to be reordered. Then it took them 3 and 4 orders and several months to get some cabinets right. On many they just wore us out & we had to pick & install the “best” of what they had sent us. If we waited for them to get it right, we may still be waiting. We just couldn’t go any longer without a kitchen. I hate to think they were just trying to wear us down, but it sure seemed like that was their strategy. Please do your family right and stay away from this company.

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  5. Rated 1 out of 5


    I built a home and my builder did not allow me to use any other cabinets but Executive Cabinetry so this is how I ended up with these in my home. The biggest rip-off around. They look good on the outside but are worthless. Every pull-out drawer hits the doors on its way out and back into the cabinet. The corner cabinets do not come with an automatic lazy susan so good luck trying to get your food out of these cabinets. I was charged $642 for one lazy susan in my lower corner cabinets. I asked for them in all corners and got only one after I had to take legal measures. The company does not provide a warranty for the fan/light rangehood that I paid almost $2,000 for. I have called and emailed the company directly numerous times since I could not get the builder to provide me with the appropriate warranties and not one person at Executive Cabinetry has responded or come through with anything including someone who claimed she is a supervisor. So what does this tell you about this company, its employees, and it’s retail affiliates in the community? Run as fast as you can if you hear the brand you are being offered is Executive Cabinetry. They cannot be counted on for assistance when there is a problem.

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