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KraftMaid Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A-
Our Rating:A

KraftMaid Company Information:

Market Position: Middle
Kitchen Unit Quality: Good – Very Good
Price Fitted: Varies with dealer
Supply Only: Varies with dealer
Warranty: Lifetime (length of ownership)
Designer Training: Varies with dealer
Designer Qualifications: Varies with dealer
Designer Status: Varies with dealer
Commission rate: N/A

From the KraftMaid website:

For more than 40 years, KraftMaid have been committed to the needs of their customers.

As an industry leader and one of the largest built-to-order cabinet manufacturers in the United States, KraftMaid help more customers create the home of their dreams than any other cabinet manufacturer in the world.

KraftMaid cabinets are assembled in the United States. With more than 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing facilities in Northeast Ohio, they bring you the same kind of hand-crafted all-wood, dovetail drawer boxes and I-beam constructed cabinets that were sold from their modest shop over 40 years ago.

Why choose KraftMaid Cabinets? Because semi-custom kitchen cabinets give you the perfect blend of style, selection, and affordability.

With semi-custom cabinetry, you get to enjoy customizing your cabinetry design without the steep prices and extended lead times that often go with fully-customized cabinets. The KraftMaid product is 100% built-to-order. Through state-of-the-art construction methods, KraftMaid use the finest materials to build each cabinet to your exact specifications. You choose your door style and the type of material for your semi-custom kitchen cabinets, whether that’s oak, cherry, maple, birch or hickory. Then, you complete your cabinet design with your choice of finish and decorative hardware.

Who Are KraftMaid?

KraftMaid are part of the Masco Cabinetry group of companies based out of Middlefield, Ohio.

As part of a kitchen cabinetry brand including Quality Cabinets and Merillat, Masco have a cabinet design of a quality and price point to suit any home owner.

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11 reviews for KraftMaid

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    David Henry

    I will admit that the service we received from MBS (Modern Builders Supply) was good, they responded quickly and provided replacement items without question. Just wish they had been able to see the actual issues, the local office had just lost (fired) its local cabinet specialist and I was dealing with more of a regional representative. So, I was not able to get anyone to review the issue on site.
    The cabinets appeared to be made of quality materials, but the manufacturing process was far from being adequate even the replacement cabinet doors did not hold up like they should. We ordered gray base and white upper and storage cabinets, and it looked like the white cabinets came from another factory than the base cabinets due to so many flaws. We needed to have 11 cabinet doors replaced and of course I had to remove and replace all the hardware and the replacement doors are not holding up the paint in general was okay, but the joints still have issues. I know of another person who purchased similar style cabinets from another company over five years ago and they do not have the same issues that we have on day one. The main issue is that the cabinet doors are designed to have the rails hidden where they meet (you should not see the seam) this is not the case, if I was picky over 95% of the cabinet doors would not have been acceptable. Bottom line is you pay a premium price for KraftMaid because I thought they had good quality; reality is you get box store quality but not a box store price. A few of the boxes (cabinets) even had issues that we did not see until the cabinets were installed but I could live with these issues because they did not show, things like split rail and what looked like they used a bad piece of wood, or it was damaged during construction and not replaced. I would not purchase or recommend KraftMaid cabinets.

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  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Dave Paris

    Just had these installed in my pantry and was going to do the kitchen. These cabinets are so full of defects, I don’t know where to begin. Cracked door joints on almost every door. Don’t buy.

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  3. Rated 1 out of 5


    Bought a complete kitchen in 1998. We were told that it had a lifetime warranty. Somebody lied.according to kraftmaid the warrenty did not start until 1999. Recently our long pantry door split right down the middle and they offered no help at all. Not even a discount. Never again.

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  4. T Thomas

    Just want to say THANK YOU for a wonderful job on my cannon gray deveron full panel kitchen cabinets. I’m attaching pics of what we’ve completed so far. I was toooooo excited to wait and leave this review. I had a wonderful experience with ordering from Lowes in Chester NY. Kellie helped and deserves a six figure salary for her kindness and expertise! The delivery arrived when promised and the drivers were very careful unloading. They have an excellent way of accounting for what’s being delivered. I had NO DAMAGE of any kind to my order. They were perfect. I picked well in choosing Kraftmaid and you know what…I picked well in going with Lowes. I see many trash the “big box store” but my store was good to me and had competent workers assisting. The installer Scott was a perfectionist! I appreciated that… I thank Kraftmaid and Lowes for a great kitchen reno experience.

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  5. Rated 1 out of 5

    Pamela Cox

    NEVER buy Kraftmaid. 100% of my order was damaged and they are refusing to replace and/or reimburse me for the cabinets. The cabinets have paint splotches, uneven paint job, cracked joints, and various other defects. On top of all of that their customer services sucks! Going back and forth with Lowes for the last 6 months and now I was told if I wanted a better paint job I should have purchased the cheaper MDF line???? I plan to put this review up anywhere on the internet I can find asking for a review of Kraftmaid! DO NOT BUY KRAFTMAID!!

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  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    Just finished a complete renovation of our kitchen. Everything new, along with refinished wood flooring. We ordered a higher end finish with many extras. Had three pieces arrive damaged. Not bad out of a total of 24 cabinets. Home Depot installer handled all the reorders. I must say, it does take awhile to get things replaced. That’s why I took off a star. But the cabinets were very well constructed. I did order several in all plywood construction and some standard. Both versions were well made. Especially beautiful was the finish; a coco glaze and cream on maple. Very satisfied. So…the issue seems to be damage in transit and replacement times. Keep that in mind as you set your project schedule. Otherwise they are great.

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  7. Rated 2 out of 5

    Jeff Brown

    Ordered full kitchen of cabinets & drawers through Home Depot, over $16,000.00, for a new million dollar home. Loved the design and color choices, soft-close drawers, and semi-custom options for the price. At nine months, a joint has broken in a corner of a mitered glass cabinet door. We were told to send pictures and a request for warranty coverage, and KM would respond “in 6 to 12 weeks”, itself an unreasonable review time. The claim was denied in a form letter stating that the warranty excludes any damage caused from “normal wear and tear”. I explained that this wasn’t normal, there was no “wear and tear” from our very limited use (second home); but we were told “normal wear and tear” means any use of the cabinet. In other words, once you use the cabinet, there’s no more warranty. Also, I was told the color is no longer made so I couldn’t buy a replacement door at full price if I wanted to. We have noticed several other joints separating in other cabinets. We will likely either hire a carpenter to go through all cabinets, & hire a painter to match the paint color, or replace all cabinets next winter.

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  8. Rated 1 out of 5

    Roy stowers

    Caint believe it takes four weeks for a replacement part to come in . It was damage in shipment . All they ordered was a frame . Went thru Lowe’s for one stop shopping . Boy was I wrong . Nightmare

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  9. Rated 1 out of 5

    Ginger L’Pec

    Absolutely horrible experience so far with customer service. Ordered cabinets in Feb; sales rep didn’t put them into the system for almost a month. 2 months later we got them and half were damaged. They tried to blame us and we didn’t even touch them; left them for the Lowe’s installer to do so. It’s been a month and still no replacement cabinets. Kraftmaid folks have consistently lied to Lowe’s about the order, putting the burden on them. Terrible company. Wish I’d read the reviews first. Am dreading the day I have to call for warranty work – which from what I’ve read is in my future – as that process is evidently even more arduous!

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  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    It is not cheap to redo your kitchen. However, renovating a kitchen is the best dollar for dollar costs back to you. We sold a home a few miles away and decided to scale down as we approach our retirement. We had a smaller home that we rented out for two years. My goal was to create a Tuscan villa. We moved in and now we have our own Tuscan villa . Kraftmaid came through for us. We have used Kraftmaid in many of our renovations. Nothing is 100% smooth all the time, but overall we are very pleased.

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  11. Rated 3 out of 5


    I just bought a new house. It’s been unsold for 4 years and never occupied. I found that the “new” Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets looked perfect until we moved in and stocked the kitchen…

    Unfortunately the handle spacers into which the screws insert are very easily strpped and Kraftmaid will not replace the spacers, but they tell the customer that they can only sell the customer a new handle. I was referred to “” to see if I could find the defective part.

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