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Showplace Cabinetry

1 Enterprise Street
South Dakota 57032

(605) 743-2200

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From the Showplace Cabinetry website:

In just a very few years Showplace has gone from a standing start to being a major national brand. That’s because a whole lot of customers like the Showplace mix of quality, flexibility and price. Showplace production has gone from 50 cabinets daily in early 2000 to nearly 800 per day just a few years later.

Our brand and its offerings have grown a lot in just a very few years, to the point that the label “semi-custom” hardly fits anymore. Features like custom paint color matching, sizing to the sixteenth inch, finish sheen choices, and free glazing have moved the brand much closer to true custom cabinetry, but still at a mid-market price point. And you can expect Showplace to keep growing in the future.


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  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    J. Friedman

    ABSOLUTELY BEWARE! I installed painted cabinets in May 2021. By Feb 2022 they were chipping. Ever since, have been trying to work with the supplier and Showplace’s rep to understand and rectify the issue. And the problems are getting MUCH worse. The paint literally will peel off if you use gentle painter’s tape or even run your soft finger over an edge. It looks as if my cabinets are 20 years old and I am an extremely light user of my kitchen. My contractor and Showplace’s own painter who assessed the situation agree it is adhesion problem. But Showplace keeps coming up with one excuse after another for not having any responsibility. They are claiming that mine is a “unique” issue, but now I see reviews on many sites stating this very same experience. There clearly is a manufacturing defect on painted cabinets. And Showplace does NOT stand behind its warranty. It’s really disappointing because I love my kitchen overall and the cabinets are so functional. Sadly, if you are in the market for painted cabinets … buyer beware.

    I am happy to share details and pictures of what I have been experiencing.

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