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(MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.)
6163 Old 421 Road
North Carolina 27298

(800) 803-2315

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UltraCraft Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:B
Our Rating:A

UltraCraft Company Information:

Market Position: Low – Middle
Kitchen Unit Quality: Very Good
Price Fitted: Varies with dealer
Supply Only: Varies with dealer
Warranty: 100(!) yrs Limited
Designer Training: Varies with dealer
Designer Qualifications: Varies with dealer
Designer Status: Varies with dealer
Commission rate: N/A

From the UltraCraft website:

UltraCraft, a division of Norcraft Companies, has been manufacturing high-quality, full-access cabinets since 1986. Our 213,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and corporate offices are located in Liberty, North Carolina where we employ over 250 skilled craftsmen, engineers, administrators, and service representatives.We are proud to produce a superior product right here in the USA.

We produce two comprehensive lines of cabinetry with 75 door styles in wood, thermofoil, metal, melamine, acrilux, and Eurotek veneer. In all, we offer over 10,000 different door-style/finish combinations.

As a manufacturer that focuses solely on full overlay, full access cabinetry, Ultracraft are experts in providing you with the look and feel that you desire. Since our cabinetry offers up to 15% more usable space than manufacturers that rely on framed construction, you’ll be able to fit more items into your existing footprint. And, because we continually seek out and add the latest in ergonomic and functional hardware as well as the latest organizational accessories, you can rest assured that your kitchen will be as functional as it is beautiful.

Who Are UltraCraft?

Ultracraft are part of the Norcraft / Masterbrand Cabinets group and are based out of Liberty, North Carolina.

Utracraft cabinets are built full overlay (European style) and offer greater storage and space efficiency compared to more typical framed construction kitchen cabinets. With a wide range of styles and finishes there is an Ultracraft kitchen for everyone – and all with a 100 year warranty.

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  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Myrna A Greene

    I wonder if you will live up to your 100 year warranty. When we bought our townhouse in 1998 we paid extra for white cabinets (Ultracraft) in our kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. The house was built by Kavanagh and the the cabinets supplied by Snow Lumber. Little did we realize that cabinets were some sort of wood under a white plastic veneer. Almost all the veneer has separated from the wood leaving large bubbles beneath. Some of the plastic has cracked on top of the doors. This hasn’t just happened. It’s been going on for years. Some of our neighbors have had the same problems but contacted Snow Lumber before they went out of business in High Point. Do we have any recourse?

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    • Liz TottBerger

      Submitted Reply from Liz TottBerger:

      Yes, Take pictures of the issue and pull out your invoice- so that they have something to go back to. The Warranty covers “standard use” – if the doors are delaminating then where is the product being used? Thermofoil cannot be used in direct line of heat- it will melt or discolor and come off the substrate. Heat shields need to be used around the oven range area and you should not be operating a toaster oven or microwave that is set inside a wall cabinet where there is no ventilation.

    • Spencer C

      Submitted Reply from Spencer C:

      Sounds like you have thermofoil doors. Which isn’t unusual it is just a product offered by Ultracraft and a style of construction. Typically this type of construction is normally stable unless there are drastic environmental changes such as the AC being left off in the summer or the heat in the winter.

      Depends what you are expected as a recourse. Most manufactures will replace like for like. Being that 19 years have passed that may be on the extreme end as the kitchen has had a lot of use. Likely hood of matching to the old material with the current production would be highly unlikely with thermofoil doors.

      Its also important that your dealer have your order details relay back to the factory to review the issue. Manufactures need details to assist in warranty claims such as the original order #.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5


    I installed the cabinets in 2006. I now have a problem with the pistons on the flip up cabinets. Ultracraft told me to call my local rep Robyn ****. She returned my call once and said she could help, since that time (2 months), I’ve heard nothing and have call he a number of times. I called Ultracraft headquarters but they tell me to call Robyn. It’s a shame that there service is so lousy as I like the cabinets but given the situation I would pick something else next time.

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    • Liz TottBerger

      Look on the hinge mechanism and see who the maker of the hinge lift up is. Go to Google or YouTube and search the name and how to adjust. As a cabinet designer I tell all my clients how to adjust the doors and drawers as they will not always stay in alignment over years of use. They will have instruction for adjustments. Blum Adventos is the most common hinge used for lift ups- go the Youtube and search for this.

  3. Rated 3 out of 5

    Karen Schou

    In April 2007, we had our kitchen completely refinished. Our designer from Callier & Thompson here in St. Louis recommended Ultracraft cabinets, so we had the Coral Springs cabinets in cherry with a chocolate finish installed. We love our kitchen.

    However, after just five years, we noticed that there was a problem with the finish on one of the cabinets. Now, eight years after installation, there are a number of cabinets that have scratched finish. It is frustrating to us to see these flaws in our beautiful kitchen.

    On March 21, I contacted Callier & Thompson to let them know of the issue. Although they are no longer an UltraCraft dealer, they contacted the local UltraCraft representative, Tom Crum. I communicated with Tom via email on March 25, sending him information and photos. He said he would see what he could do. Since that day, I have contacted him numerous times via phone (he said he was waiting to hear from the factory) and email (no response). I know that a representative from Callier & Thompson has also attempted to contact him. On April 24, I wrote and mailed a letter to both the President/CEO and VP of Operations at UltraCraft in Raleigh, NC. Neither has contacted me.

    UltraCraft advertises a 100-Year Warranty on all their cabinets. This warranty is effective for cabinets purchased from November 1, 2003, until present. Under the terms of the warranty “Finish deviations must be inspected by an authorized UltraCraft representative. Determination will be made following the inspection whether to repair in the field or to return the product to the factory for refinishing or replacement. No field repair may be made without approval from UltraCraft.”

    I am beyond frustrated that they will not stand by their warranty and send someone out to inspect and repair or replace the cabinets that have issues with the finish.

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    • Liz TottBerger

      It is unfortunate that the rep has not gotten back to you to go and view your doors. Did you send them in pictures of the damage? If you have pictures they usually will replace and or send out a touch up. The problem is the doors have discolored over the years and if they send replacements the doors will more than likely be a different color than what you have. Why are the cabinet getting a lot of scratches? Is this “normal” wear and tear or you have high use in this area? Is this a stain or painted door- Paint finish with any cabinet company will scratch and show- my clients sign a disclaimer on this fact and the door will separate at the joints due to expansion and contraction.

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