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Waypoint Living Spaces

(American Woodmark Corp)
3102 Shawnee Drive
Virginia 22601-4208

(877) 957-7278

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Waypoint Living Spaces Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A-
Our Rating:A

Waypoint Living Spaces Company Information:

Market Position: Middle
Kitchen Unit Quality: Good
Price Fitted: Varies with dealer
Supply Only: Varies with dealer
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Designer Training: Varies with dealer
Designer Qualifications: Varies with dealer
Designer Status: Varies with dealer
Commission rate: N/A

From the Waypoint Living Spaces website:

Waypoint Living Spaces™, is American Woodmark’s newest brand and is sold exclusively through independent Kitchen & Bath specialists. Remodel any room in your home into a special living space with a wide variety of door styles, finishes, decorative accents, and functional accessories.

Located in Winchester, VA, the American Woodmark Corporation is one of the three largest manufacturers of cabinets in the United States. All American Woodmark products are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program.

Who Are Waypoint Living Spaces?

Waypoint Living Spaces™ are part of the American Woodmark group of companies based out of Winchester, Virginia.

As part of a kitchen cabinetry brand including Shenandoah and Timberlake Cabinetry, American Woodmark have a cabinet design of a quality and price point to suit any home owner.

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32 reviews for Waypoint Living Spaces

  1. Rated 1 out of 5


    We bought Waypoint kitchen cabinets and after 8 months the paint chipped off quite a bit from three of the drawers. I sent them and email and they never bothered to respond to me. We purchased the cabinets thru our designed who contacted Waypoint on our behalf. Waypoint agreed to ship new fronts for the drawers but we were told we were responsible to have them reassembled. Waypoint would not give us a reasonable answer as to why the paint was coming off and they no one would come inspect our 8 month old cabinets. We were told that the damage was caused by water which was ridiculous since the drawers were no where near our sink. We found out that if you go to a big dealer like Home Depot and Studio 41 they have people on staff to help with these situations. In the meantime, the dealer has disappeared. My advice is to skip Waypoint. There are other manufacturers who will stand behind their product and who work with dealers who will help. There is a reason this company has so many poor reviews.

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  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Deanna Sprinkel

    Look elsewhere!!! There has to be a better cabinet company than Waypoint!!! Biggest mistake we made in building our home in Kingman, AZ. We spent over 70,000 on cabinets from Waypoint. What a disappointment!!! The finish is minimal at best — not sure how long they will last. In the upper cabinets the spacing of the shelf adjustment holes is useless. At the top of the cabinet there is a set of 3 holes and at the bottom of the cabinet there is a set of 3 holes. In the middle of the 2 sets of holes is about 8″ of totally blank space — no adjustments. Makes the middle part of the cabinet unusable. The drawers are another story. If your plan shows a 6″ drawer front, you only end up with a 3″ wide, usable drawer!!! What a waste of space!! The cabinets are much the same except you only loose about 20% of the space — if your cabinet front on the plan is showing 32″ wide — you will end up with a 26″ wide usable space in the cabinet. The pull outs the company uses is a total joke!! They are so flimsy it’s difficult to put any kind of weight on them — they bow which makes it almost impossibile to close again. I put some items on an upper cabinet shelf, thinking it would be OK. Within an hour the shelf was bowed — you could actually see the bend in the shelf!!! Look elsewhere — very cheap cabinets!!! If I could give less than a 1 star rating I would!!!

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  3. Rated 1 out of 5

    Jeff Sprinkel

    AVOID at all costs! These cabinets are terrible. Shelves bow when loaded. The framework takes up so much of the overall space – all drawers loose 3 inches on each side from what you see on the outside. Upper cabinets are the same for both width and height. Slide out hardware is very weak and attached in the front and back with 1 screw. Bases on pull outs will not support the weight of pyrex dishes. The finish of all cabinets is uneven with dark marks throughout the home. Spent over 70,000. on Waypoint cabinets – BIG MISTAKE !!!

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  4. Rated 1 out of 5

    Deanna Sprinkel

    Recently my husband and I built a home in Kingman, AZ. The builder insisted on using Waypoint Cabinets!!! Boy, what a mistake!!! We put over $70,000 into cabinets in our new home — it took a Semi truck just to deliver the load. We have now completed the build on our home and are in the process of actually working with the cabinets. In our sewing studio, when placing items on the shelves in the upper cabinets, the shelf visibly bows within an hour!!! The pullouts in the lower cabinets are flimsy and won’t hold much weight. They are actually meant to be used — they are that cheap. Another major issue with the cabinets is the frame work. If on your plan you have a 6″ drawer — that is only the width of the drawer. The actual usable drawer is only 3″ — 50% reduction in actual usable space. The cabinets aren’t quite as bad — there is only about a 20% reduction in space there. In other words, if the plan is calling out a 32″ wide 2 door cabinet, the width between the framework of the cabinet is only 26″!! In the cabinets with adjustable shelves, the holes in the sides of the cabinets to place the pegs to hold the shelves are not evenly space through the height of the cabinets. There is about an 8″ gap between two sets of evenly spaced peg holes. Prevents a person from truly utilizing the cabinets fully. Very Frustrated!!! This was the largest mistake we made with this home — selecting Waypoint for our cabinets. Avoid Waypoint at all cost!!!

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  5. Rated 1 out of 5

    Laura Hiestand

    Buyer be ware worst cabinets, poor quality, horrible finish and no response from the company.
    Don’t buy these cabinets .

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  6. Rated 1 out of 5

    Unbelievably Dissatisfied

    We purchased Waypoint cabinets for our kitchen remodel in October 2018 with the understanding that these cabinets are American made, not the cheap quality coming in from China. Well, either we received Chinese assembled cabinets or American quality is lower than the imports. The quality of the materials is cheap, the construction of the boxes is poor (not square, gaps in joints, dovetails poorly made and not finished properly, poor quality of staining and rough surfaces on most cabinet fronts. We have already had the bottom of the cabinet above the oven fall through and we had a shelf fall down breaking several glasses due to improperly drilled shelf holes and shelf hardware. The Waypoint rep for our area inspected our cabinets and was dismissive stating this is the level of quality for the price point. We could have purchased better quality cabinets from the big box stores for thousands less. The rep said he could order replacement cabinets, but they would be built the same way and to the same quality standards. Speaking of quality, Waypoint has a nice video available to show customers how well they construct their cabinets and double check each order fixing any issues before shipment. BS!! – Maybe they used to do this 3 years ago when the video was made, but there is no way that anyone performing quality inspection should have let our cabinets ship with all of the defects we have discovered. Based on what we have read, we seriously doubt that Waypoint will stand behind their product and will try to force our dealer to cover up for their mistakes. Stay away from Waypoint! Find another product or dealer. Don’t trust that what you see in the dealer’s showroom is what you will end up having installed in your home.

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  7. Rated 1 out of 5


    Avoid Waypoint cabinets unless you want the headache. Poor quality and Waypoint does not stand behind their product.

    Ordered two bathroom vanities. One painted finish. One stained finish. The drawers do not slide smoothly in either vanity. Harder to open and close. Inconsistent stain coverage. Do not rely on the supplied color samples.

    The drawers didn’t line up horizontally or vertically; At all. The installer said he’d have to disassemble and reassemble — and even then he didn’t know if they could be saved. He said this was a more severe problem than a typical adjustment. Complained to dealer. He dismissed. He finally called the Waypoint representative who said “This represents and meets are quality standards. You are free to re-order at your own expense. We offer no assistance.”

    The dealer acknowledged the poor fit but said it was my responsibility to fix the drawers at my expense. The installer said he doesn’t know if it could be fixed. He would have to re-drill all of the drawers and/or rails. He looked at both vanities, shook his head and said “This is really bad. They should fix this.” He said the build and finish quality on other brands was better.

    Waypoint Corporate customer service does not stand behind the product. They refer back to the dealer. Corporate was extremely aggressive in their tone. Asking for help didn’t get me anywhere so I complained. She went on aggressive defense and made every effort to put me in my place for complaining. They will do nothing.

    Went to a different dealer and found a higher quality Shiloh. The price was much less than the Waypoint dealer and my past experience with Shiloh has been outstanding.

    After this debacle I did more research on Waypoint. My experience mirrors that of many others. I would not recommend Waypoint. Ever.

    I regret the decision to go with Waypoint. Buyer beware.

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  8. Rated 1 out of 5


    Avoid at all costs. Extremely disappointed in the quality of the cabinets. We selected their 710 series doors which is the high end of their line and of course the high price point. The mitered corners looked awful with very inconsistent gaps which stood out like soar thumbs. Waypoint’s response was that they manufacture in Arizona and the temperature difference in California causes the separation??? We had their representative out to review and they said that was the best they could do and met their quality standards. Not to mention the trim pieces on the shelving delaminate within days. POS cabinets do not buy.

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  9. Rated 1 out of 5

    Kristi Chase

    Waypoint cabinets are complete junk. Do not buy….. we have had for two years in our kitchen and they are chipping and peeling. Never cook -this is not a wear and tear issue. THis is a construction defect. I called the company about warranty and they want me to go
    Through the contractor who is not responsive! We will be filing a lawsuit.

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  10. Rated 1 out of 5

    Phil knell

    I just finished installing my kitchen cabinets and I can honestly say I am quite disappointed on waypoint products;

    Was told. Cabinet delivery would be 30 day delivery from time of order took 42 days
    Have both stain and painted finishes Both finishes are orange peel and very poor spray job
    Fillers and many cabinets came with crushed corners
    Quality of plywood on side of cabinets on many had hairline gouges on the veneer
    Two doors will need to be replaceed of 17 cabinets shipped with defects
    Shelves clips clear plastic were shipped broken
    Tall panels for built in look at refrigerator only had one good side, due to scratches and poor finish.
    No touch up paint or stain stick – why not?
    Cabinets racked and out of square
    If you look from the top of cabinet to the bottom you can see curve in the plywood
    Haven’t installed three piece crown moulding yet, tomorrow’s task
    Don’t waste your money or time.

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  11. Rated 1 out of 5

    Michael B

    I am extremely disappointed in my decision to go with Waypoint. I ordered a knee hole desk for the kitchen, filing cabinets on either side and a pencil drawer in the middle. Unbelievably, the face of the pencil drawer did not match the rest of the kitchen. Waypoint went to the trouble to make a face that looked like something I could make in my garage; it was not mitered and the profile did not match. After rounds of phone calls with Waypoint and the dealer, they tell me that there’s nothing they can do and they will not make a matching face because they’re not ‘set up for it’. They must not make their own faces, because if they went to the trouble to make the face they sent, they could have used the correct/matching profile. If I had been told that after spending $14K on cabinets, that one of the faces wasn’t going to match all the others, I would have stayed away from Waypoint!

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  12. Rated 1 out of 5

    Terry Ector

    I just spent over $20,000 on Waypoint kitchen cabinets and I am thoroughly disappointed in the quality and the contractor with whom remodeled my kitchen. First item, the cabinets are not square so the drawers in the cabinets seem warped. One side of the drawer closes against the front of the cabinet and the other side does not. There is not adjustment system in these cabinet to compensate for this irregularity. Second item, the first time I went to put dishes in an upper cupboard, the whole side fell off because the nails missed the back of the cupboard and there were never glued. Third item, the bottom of the upper cupboards are not screwed inside so all this crooked screws and screw whole are visible and make the cabinets look cheap. Fourth item, the wood used in the door construction is thin with obvious flaws which once again make this cabinets look cheaper then off the aisle cabinets at a Home Center. I have waited 4 and half month for products to come in and be installed and am currently still waiting. My recommendation is find another cabinet for your dream kitchen and it will be a nightmare.

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  13. Rated 1 out of 5

    Louis B.

    I purchased Waypoint Cabinetry from a dealer in Rhode Island. The cabinetry I purchased is a painted finish. I was very disappointed with the quality of the finish.The edges were very dry, and the finish was bubbling. The manufacturer sent their local representative to view the product. She (M***) was not very knowledgeable, and could not offer a solution. It turns out she(M***)is married to the dealer that I purchased the product through. Seems fishy to me. In all, we had a re-finisher come to our home and refinish many of the defective items. We are out of pocket $1200.00 for the re-finish. I do not recommend Waypoint, nor do I recommend the factory representative!

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    • Michael A.

      Louis B.
      I would love for you to come forward on this. Anyone that’s ever dealt with (M***). No matter what line she has represented. She has always stood behind the product and taken care of any issues. I have been selling cabinets over 10 plus years and she is one of the best representatives out there. She always picks up the phone if she not with a customer, or always calls you right back. She is VERY knowledgeable about the product (Waypoint) she sells. Waypoint’s customer service is by far one of the best I deal with. The product is a middle of the road product and is about 20% less then these other mid level brands. To me personal they have one of the better finishes out there. I would really like to know who refinished your kitchen so I can contact them. Any representative cannot go out to a job without someone from a dealer to represent them. Because I know one thing for sure is the representative of waypoint would never let an issue like this pass by without being resolved. The dealer you are talking is “I” We have sold plenty of white kitchens without any issues. Every line out there has something that could come in damage, or have a slight finish issue. These are always resolved. I would love to hear from you on this and why is the first I’m hearing about this situation? Why haven’t you called us the dealer? Why are you saying the representative has been to the job, when she has not? I really would like for you to call me with your order information so we could help you.

      Thanks, Michael

  14. Rated 1 out of 5


    Just got the cabinets…looked at all of them and there’s an issue with each. Very poor craftsmanship and bad finishing, as well as chips and scratches. If I wanted cheap cabinets I would have ordered them from China, they probably would have been nicer and cheaper! Does anyone have higher management contact information? I’m fighting now to get everything replaced or be compensated for the damage and the customer service is very bad, I’m just going in circles. So frustrated!

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