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3304 Aerial Way Dr.
VA 24018


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From the CWP Cabinetry website:

CWP Cabinetry | Custom Wood Products Cabinetry is located in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley in Southwest Virginia. Custom Wood Products has been producing fine custom cabinetry for over 45 years. Founded in 1969, CWP started out as a small cabinet company in Roanoke servicing the local market.

While the product offering was limited at first, people soon recognized the quality and workmanship of the handcrafted cabinets. A wide selection of wood species and door styles is complimented by an almost unlimited choice of finishes.

CWP has truly become a custom cabinet maker of the highest standards, where there are no limitations to what we will provide our customers.


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  1. Manuela

    We hired this company in May as it was deemed high end. This came at a HIGH end cost (>$200,000)and HIGH END lead time. I read reviews about problems with the paint job but was reassured by second parties – that this “had never happened” and that they “keep your paint color in stock for a couple years just in case.
    It is now October and I still don’t have a functional kitchen. On arrival one cabinet was built incorrectly and half the doors and drawer fronts were missing as they didn’t make it through transport or didn’t “pass inspection”. The missining parts were reordered however given this is a HIGH end company this took weeks. On arrival the parts are a completely DIFFERENT color. (Mind you I didn’t pick anything custom – I picked from their regular color palet). This is also weeks apart not like these cabinets have been her for years and faded …
    I am now left with the option to cross my fingers that if we reorder they will maybe get it right in another FEW WEEKS or have someone PAINT OVER these parts!?

    How can a HIGH END company have such bad packaging of their product so that half the parts don’t make it and such a terrible paint job that they can’t even replace what they broke in the same color…. I would have expected a higher end service and that they would have tried to remediate with a quick turn around or even an apology …. but no.
    The cabinets that are here are nice hence the two stars.

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